[PuG] Pulsation dampeners for sludge, slurry, and high viscosity. Clear-Flow from in to out. 3" through 12" ANSI B16.5 150# and 300# standard with specials through 7000 PSI.

PumpGuard flow through flex tube pulsation dampeners for sludges, slurries, high viscosity, and liquids containing particulate. Pipe sizes: 0.75" through 14". For Suction with PermaCushion, no Air charge required. Liquids containing grit, sand relatively large solid objects. Use in suction Low/High pressure discharge. Combined pulsation and flow fluctuation attenuating capability with a straight line "clear-flow" path from in to out. Low cost "vessel" outer, non liquid contact, carbon steel "vessel" housing shell.


PumpGuard Pulsation Dampener


Pumpguard for Food and Drug