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Screw Pump Piping System Pulsation Dampeners / Dampening

Curing the kick in Screw pump piping systems. With a PulseGuard pulsation dampener

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Because flow is so slow, there is time to flow up, come to a stop, and flow back down a “T” – on the other hand, whatever the residual pressure pulsation level is, it will still shake the pipes.

Volume accumulator only is bigger, better, or “bonkers”?
The tide ebbs & flows slowly. Mass of liquid in a pipe is transferred at not above 180 inches/sec or say 460 cm/sec. But the impact from the velocity of waves does the damage fast. A pulsation dampener intercepts pressure pulsation and smoothes flow fluctuations, is smaller and costs less to install. Pressure in a fluid travels at mach 1 (in air), in harder substances (liquid) is transferred at up t 4000 MPH, or say 140,000 cm/sec.

CONCLUSION:- Damping "non Newtonian liquids" requires designs that do not pack cake and trap material against the vessel wall. Constant agitation 1st in 1st out is a clear advantage. No flow reversal in a single opening enables max smoothness. Only flow through dampeners suit screw & worm systems.

Dampeners produced in NC USA, are to our design code (in excess of ASME VIII which states non-ISO 9001 registered by DNV QA since 1995.

PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
Dampeners that do, flow goes through but pressure pulsation does not.

PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are designed to address pressure pulsation, which is caused by the resistance of the system to flow. Therefore our dampeners focus on the system related responsibility and are less related to pump liability.


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