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Pulsation Dampener part number that matches Progressive Cavity Pump

Stainless connections PumpGuard with EP, Nitrile, or VF FlexTube - The Full Range, for 3/4" through 12" piping systems.

1. Pulsation dampeners listed below are from 1000s of "off the shelf" inventory pulse dampers for preventing pipe systems from converting progressive cavity pump flow fluctuation into pressure pulsation. Call toll free 1-888-DAMPERS (326-7277) for discounts, etc. Choose a pulse damper matching your pump connection size, for standard dampening. Or allow us to calculate for you, from your smoothness required and your system data.

2. Where no OSHA requirement for in place flush before service, nor process need for 1st in 1st out, constant temperature, change of liquid pumped, interception of pressure pulsation; use second connection to save a "T" for RV. PI, or System Drain. 2 connection dampeners are standard lowest cost. Waveguard and dampeners for 10Hz. & above, IE systems 300 meters (1,000ft.) or less, must use FLOW-THROUGH

Your pump connections suit its flow, and its fluctuations are related to the pump type, so the DAMPENERS HAVE BEEN PRE-SELECTED for you. Simply choose the dampener that matches your connection size. Or call us, with your RPM, flow rate, and required smoothness, so that we can make a specific selection for you.

pulsation dampeners for where viscosity and solid content are high, blockage removal, both by in place flush or even breakdown and "poke-free" must be made simple.
"Ram Rod-able" dampens. Where viscosity and solid content are high, blockage removal, both by in place flush or even breakdown and "poke-free" must be made simple. PumpGuard is designed with this feature. The PermaCushion, No Air Pre-Fill, version is for up to 3 bar service. With FlexTube support cushion pre-fill to 300 psi or 20 Bar is used.

pulsation dampeners with PTFE membranes
The ease of cleaning that is provided by a PTFE membrane surface, plus the smooth stainless liquid side dish housing, AND the three fold performance enhancement from "Thru-Flow", with connections up to 8" are why FLEXORBER should have been the choice. "FlexFlon" and PTFE surfaces are easier to flush off high viscosity liquids. Mounting nuts in 3 places. Four bolts for quick dampener removal. Save a “T” and have 3 times the performance. The piping base is normally welded into the pipe to maintain system integrity.
3. *The question mark “?” = letters, showing your choice of compatible gasket material, add the letter to ordering part number – N= Buna N, E= EP, (H= Hypalon, V= FluoroCarbon, additional cost) A20= Alloy20, H22= Hastrelloy22, Ti2= Titanium 2, Tan= Tantalum, Zir= Zirconium, DSS= duplex stainless steel, SDSS= super duplex stainless steel.
When you see a dampener or a pump of particular interest, please request literature dedicated to that subject.

Where there is no occupational health and safety need for in place flush through before servicing, nor any process requirement for constant temperature, or first in first out need to control residence time, not even clean before changing liquids it is still least expensive to use a standard twin connection dampener, & save a "T". Use the other connection for the system drain, relief valve, or branch line. WaveGuard and dampeners for frequencies above 10Hz., systems shorter than 300 meters or 1000ft. must use the FLOW-THRU feature.

PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
Dampeners that do, flow goes through but pressure pulsation does not.

PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are designed to address pressure pulsation, which is caused by the resistance of the system to flow. Therefore our dampeners focus on the system related responsibility and are less related to pump liability.


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