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Packed Plunger Pump Pulsation Dampener Installations

How to ensure lowest in place cost and most performance by standard installation methods. Constant pressure and flow with packed plunger pumps. The high volumetric efficiency of the packed plunger pump, with minimal dead volume in the pump head, (unlike diaphragm head pumps) the level of pulsation is already small, and lack of lost motion reduces pressure shock generation, small flow thru, dampeners kill what remains. When applying plunger pumps at 1,000 psi to 15,000 psi, pressure pulsation interception is advisable.

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Pulsation Dampeners: All items shown are lowest cost, standard off the shelf inventory items. All are in place flushable, constant temperature, non-sedimenting.

With liquid in the elastomer bladder, and stainless wetted parts.
Pulsation Dampeners - PTFE Diaphragm FlexOrber LDi "Flexflon" or DuPont Teflon® diaphragms, & stainless liquid chamber.
Gas in the bag, and an all stainless pressure vessel.

A small dampener close to a pump is far better than a large dampener installed remotely. The general rule is, not more than 12 pipe diameters from dampener to pump and always a straight line, or not tighter than a 45 degree “L” or a 5D bend.
Install suction acceleration head loss preventors with connections upwards to stop bubbles collecting.

Typically, Jacketed dampeners are purchased with system pipes radiating from a separate base block, from which the dampener capsule is released by removing 4 bolts, for minimum down time.
The ability to cool the suction & so reduce the vapor pressure at the same time as removing suction acceleration head loss enables pumps to prime, that would otherwise not be able to run at all.

LDi "FlexFlon" or DuPont Teflon diaphragms & stainless liquid chamber. Available with separate piping base blocks to preserve system integrity during service and/or with heating/cooling jackets.PTFE compatibility diaphragms are offered in two forms: LDi “FlexFlon” or DuPont virgin Teflon backed with elastomer. The “FlexFlon” appears to have 4 times the life at 50% the cost.

Gas in the bag, and an all stainless pressure vessel. For corrosive environments the complete pressure vessel is manufactured from stainless steel in accordance with ASME VIII code.The tall slim configuration enables volume at lower cost. The sacrifice of diameter is a loss of pressure pulsation damping efficiency. The “PakFram” HP hermetic metering pump, one twentieth the inefficiency of a diaphragm head, but the same safety.

PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
Dampeners that do, flow goes through but pressure pulsation does not.

PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are designed to address pressure pulsation, which is caused by the resistance of the system to flow. Therefore our dampeners focus on the system related responsibility and are less related to pump liability.


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