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Pulsation Dampener part number that matches Metering Pump

Pulsation Dampener Size Selection Tables for piping systems where the flow is from a metering pump.

  The pulsation dampeners in these tables are a small selection from 1000 off the shelf inventory items. Be sure to ring Free Phone / call Toll free for the current escalation and discount %ages. Select by connection size to suit your pump for "moderate" dampening. A smaller connection dampener will give "course" dampening and a larger dampener, with large connection sizes, will give "smooth" dampening.
2. Where there is no occupational health and safety need for in place flush before servicing, nor process requirement for constant temperature, or 1st in 1st out need to control residence time, not even clean before changing liquids, it is still lest expensive to use a standard twin connection dampener , & save a "T". Use the other connection for the system drain, relief valve, or branch line. Waveguard and dampeners for frequencies above 10Hz., Systems shorter than 300 meters (1000 ft.), must use FLOW-THROUGH feature.
For please see P3 tabulation of LP Dosing pump brochure.

Off the shelf inventory – FlexOrber – with LDi "FlexFlon" modified PTFE With secondary containment sealing, double layer diaphragms, & permeation alert port. Discharge system Shock Interception where EPDM, BunaN, Hypalon, Fluoros, etc. are NOT compatible. Secondary containment sealing and permeation detection optional, Alternates: MTFE (2 layers modified PTFE diaphragms) or VTFE (elastomer backed encapsulated stiffener & virgin TFE) Capacitance + Direction change impedance

Not on the shelf inventory – FlexOrber + MeterGuard pipe base “MeterGuard” – this maintains system integrity when FlexOrber dampeners are serviced or “swapped” and ensures minimum down time.
Liquid in elastomer bladder – PipeHugger – N2 in the drive bonnet. For high pressure metering & injection systems compatible with EPDM, Buna Nitrile, Fluoro, etc. The larger diameter relative to connection sizes ensures efficient pressure pulsation attenuation. Performance requires close coupling to the pump, no oversized pipe, straight shot or 5D bend from pump to dampener. Capacitance + Direction change impedance
Gas in elastomer bag – PipeGuard HP – Liquid in 316ss Shell The original 1965, no poppet to jam, one piece molded, no glue or bond gas bag, flow smoother Tall & slim - low cost construction, but small diameter sacrifices efficient pressure pulse attenuation. Capacitance + Direction change impedance
3. *The question mark “?” = letters, showing your choice of compatible gasket material, add the letter to ordering part number – N= Buna N, E= EP, (H= Hypalon, V= FluoroCarbon, additional cost) A20= Alloy20, H22= Hastrelloy22, Ti2= Titanium 2, Tan= Tantalum, Zir= Zirconium, DSS= duplex stainless steel, SDSS= super duplex stainless steel.


3. The ratio of cross sectional areas inside the pipes for best pressure stability is 2:6:3:1. Where 2 is a suitable area for constant velocity suction supply, an area of 6 accommodates the peak velocity of the suction stroke. 3 will take the peak velocity of the discharge stroke, 1 will be ideal for the discharge constant velocity produced by the discharge dampener. We have labeled the connections with their correct relative area numbers for your convenience.
4. Where no OSHA requirement for in place flush before service, nor process need for 1st in 1st out, constant temperature, change of liquid pumped, interception of pressure pulsation, or preventing sedimentation; use second connection to save a "T" for RV. PI, or System Drain. 2 connection dampeners are standard lowest cost.

PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
Dampeners that do, flow goes through but pressure pulsation does not.

PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are designed to address pressure pulsation, which is caused by the resistance of the system to flow. Therefore our dampeners focus on the system related responsibility and are less related to pump liability.


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