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WaveGuard Acoustic Pulsation Dampeners Installation

The range of 3 types by
3 variants of Pressure Pulsation Dampener/Snubber with no moving parts, no foam to clog or degrade. Designed to address Pressure Pulsation, (not flow fluctuations) with high frequency pumping systems. 1. WAG-Cer w/ Ceramics 2. WAG-HO Orifice tech. 3. WAG-MT Liquid Compressibility.

Always use 5 D bends between pump & dampener
The differential area from valve seat diameter to the pump chamber, to the outer seat diameter to the system, causes the check valve not to open until up to 60% pressure differential. The release of these 60% over pressure spikes into the system produces high frequency pressure pulsation.
Type 1 in clean systems "WaG-Cer".
Type 2 in systems that can tolerate some pressure drop "WAG-HO".
Type 3 - they are much larger - for liquids that are not clean "WAG-MT".
For example ambient water is compressible by 0.05 ml per liter per bar. That is to say that you can pump 5 gallons into a full 100,000 gallon vessel simply by raising the pressure a bar - i.e. 15psi.
Let us say your triplex mud pump produces 1/2 Gal per stroke per plunger, and that the divisor for a triplex is the square number of plungers - so 9, then the fluctuation will be 12.8 in3. Therefore a 554 gallon system, pipe volume plus bottle volume, will reduce pulses to 2 bar - i.e. 30 psi.
So on slurry where we can not use the benefit of our 7° tubes, the compressibility is a vital figure for selecting a WaG/MT.
Do not select a pulsation dampener until you know how to connect it to your pumping system
An empty sphere is not an “acoustic” dampener except at specific frequencies waveguard wag-mt volume sphere By causing the pressure waves to travel down many paths of different lengths, the time base of a transient peak is spread and so its height is removed.


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