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PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
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"PumpGuard /XL-RF" Elastomer Flex Tube Dampeners Clear Flow Pulsation Dampeners Extra Charge Special version for in place flush.
Pulse dampener for viscous liquids & slurries in suction and LP discharge lines.

The Extra Large Raise Face Flange version of the PumpGuard, is particularly for pipe systems where the Pulsation Dampener will have to accommodate considerable pipe moments from system expansion and contraction, and or mechanical shaking. The additional mechanical strength is provided by external lock ring construction and slip ring back flanges around the shell exterior.

PuG Clear-Flow Dimensional Drawing / Viewsheet

This a PulseGuard "PumpGuard XLRF" Pulsation Dampeners View Sheet; may be erroneously called "a dimensional drawing", because it is not necessarily to scale. A drawing is to scale and shows detail, a sketch is to scale and shows less detail, dimensional drawings are not drawings, they are non scale views. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are shown as "view sheets" or cross sectional "cut sheets"


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