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"Peristaltic" and Tube or Hose Pump
pipe systems react to Shoe lift-off flow reversal.

PIPE PROBLEMS (1), (2), (3) below
SUCTION Systems:
The pressure generation from flow reversal in the suction pipe, when the shoe or wheel hits the hose, depends on the length of the suction pipe.
The pressure fall, and the height of the pulse that follows it, when the shoe or wheel lifts off, depends on the length of the discharge system.
Pulsation and hose pumps are system problems. No one can tell you how much pulsation has to be removed to enable your pump to work unless: The pipe system details are estimated and stated.
TECH. Notes: It is not necessary to read the areas shaded in this color.
Peristaltic - from Greek "contractions and dilations (of a canal) moving a fluid". The inside radius of the pipe, squared x 3.142, is its cross sectional area. Section Area x length is its volume, Volume x Specific Gravity is weight that your liquid adds drag, and so do number & type of "Ls" & "Ts" you choose. No one can calculate how much pulsation you need to have removed, without pipe detail. Pumps can't pump unless: systems are smooth enough.
(1) Grit, Scum, Sewage, almost anything other than broken tail lights lenses, wise in 4" balls of rag & paper - may be pumped for miles, by the pumps below. Provided the pipe length, flow rate, rpm are fixed, then suction PUMPGUARDS can be set for successful discharge use.
(2) Suction lines run up to 75ft / 23 meters, with huge pump priming and potential cavitation, problems that will cause even worse discharge pulsation.
(3) A more normal application: 40ft. of 3" pipe in Yorkshire, England - moderate potential pulsation.
ANSWER & designed to allow 4" Diam./100mm balls of rags & paper impregnated with broken tail light lens & wire to pass into ENVIROTECH pumps. Foam prefill (no air) enables to continue working even after laceration of its . For details see WORLD PUMPS June Edition 1998
RESULTS (1) No Sewers Overflow (2) Pumps can fill. (3) Smooth systems last for ever!
Pipeline reaction, to pumping action, is also reduced by having 3 off set pumps on one shaft.


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