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Manufacture & Certification
Typical "Level 3" Minimum $1,000 extra charge drawing.

Pulsation Dampeners with "liquid in the Bladder" designed in accordance with historic ASME VIII Div 1 pressure vessel code.

The materials are "SA and "SB" etc class materials listed in old ASME Div.2 . for allowable working stress levels.

Allowable working stress levels have been increased by the "ASME" . Accordingly you may find that we are using older versions of code in order to ensure historic levels of safety.

Be aware that the levels of safety resulting from the EC "pressure equipment directive" and the imposition of for example "Euro Norm" 5500, and or their welding standards, which omit root side and cap bend tests, and also allow the use of materials with very low levels of ductility may be, thoroughly unsafe for pulsation dampening equipment. This finding is because a pulsation dampener is by definition subject to a highly cyclic duty. Highly cyclic duties should use lower working stress levels because of the danger of fatigue failure. These low cost European new practices, are as yet unproven for duty as a pulsation dampener.

Low cost European dampeners, are not "apples to apples" with PulseGuard Inc. equipment. Nor is "current edition" U stamped coded equipment comparable with the equipment that we have produced in the days when being a code certified shop was something to be proud of.

We believe that our own historic standards provide greater safety than En or ASME based equipment. Anyone requiring that we quote for equipment in accordance with or certified to EN or ASME standards does so at their own risk.

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These PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners View Sheets, are erroneously called dimensional "drawings" which means to scale, which these views are not. A drawing is to scale and shows detail, a sketch is to scale and shows less detail, dimensional drawings are not drawings, they are non scale views. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are shown as "view sheets" or cross sectional "cut sheets".


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