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Plastic Flow Fluctuation Stabilizers & Pressure Pulsation Dampener Service

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Flow Fluctuation / Pulsation Stabilizers & Pressure Pulsation Dampeners

We will supply and fit a spares kit (replacement membranes, diaphragms, bladders) and recertify your damper for you. This way, you allow us to see as many of our products back as possible, and we learn the improvements that you need, It is part of our ISO 9001 type of continuous improvement policy. As a manufacturer of vessels in accordance with ASME VIII Div. 1 "U" stamp, we believe in regular corrosion inspection and re hydro testing.
To return an item for service, first call to ask for a RGA/RMA (Return Goods/Material Authorization) Number.
Item 2, bladder (gas bag) part numbers are the outside diameter mm at the sealing bead followed by the Over All Length
B= bladder (gas bag) , Example: B98-300-? where?=the bag material. N=ButadieneAcryloNitrile, E=EthylenePropyleneTerPolymer V=FluoroCarbonElastomer, B=Butyl, H=ChloroSulphonated Polyethylene "Hypalon", S=Silicone Rubber, Nat=Natural Rubber.
To order spares: SK=Spares Kit Example SK-B98x300-E includes the bladder (gas bag) and the necessary seals.
Dampener Type/Volume /Design Pressure/Membrane Diameter – Material / Connection / Metal plastic pulsation dampener part number Sealing Cap 1/4" or 1/8” NPT brass air prefill valve – tire type core pin requires prefill chuck #5560 Gas Bag – “bladder” Sealing bead Body shell Cover bolts – used in transport & at negative pressure Corner cushion Groove for lock ring Lock Ring – brass/bronze; lock ring or segments retained by step boss diameter for safety under pressure Webs provide up lift for anti-extrusion pip Bolt holes with thread inserts– use for pulling the end plug End plug Pip - elastomers are incompressible goes in undercut Anti-extrusion plate with undercut – if bolted then with thread insert “O” Ring Piping base has 4 bolt pipe system connection block. Saves a “T”, preserves integrity, minimizes down time during service.


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