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PipeGuard Plastic Pulsation Dampener Application

& Air Operated Double ended Diaphragm pumps

An A.O.D.eD. could not suck water treatment chemicals from the 10 ft (3 meters) high plastic drum stillage because it was 70 ft (21meters) away. The good thing about an A.O.D.eD. is that it jumps straight up to a constant flow rate after each stroke reversal, giving you a pretty smooth discharge flow (if the air line is large enough). The down side is that it is difficult to fill instantaneously on the suction side.

(a) below was fitted to the pump inlet. Loss of suction power was avoided by eliminating flow reversal with in & out twin connection continuous through flow configuration, standard choice of dampener type PiG-Plas/TW.

If you do not need in-place flush-through,
and wish to provide "T" pieces, use the extra
connection for relief valve, system drain, or
a gauge.

1. Can now fill - and pump.
2. Pumps at twice the rate through possible.
3. Pipe shake and breakage has ceased.

A from PVC was installed item (b) on the pump outlet, and the chemicals can now be pushed also to a mixing tank 320ft.(100m) away.
Many different chemicals are handled by the one system because the inlet - outlet twin hole through flow, enables flushing

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