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PipeGuard Low Pressure Pulsation Dampener Application

Suction Problems with High Pressure Systems 10,000 to 30,000 psi
Suction has to start with a jump.

High speed pumping systems, create the same suction problems, as high pressure.
An example is a direct motor driven three plunger 2500 psi wash pump.

For Suction:
PiG/ss/LP/15i/600p/0.375"x0.50" to pump.
For Discharge:
PiG/Ss/HP/6i/300p/0.375" to pump x 0.25" put.
(Please also see PipeGuard HP dimension tables literature).

Vibration of the high pressure cleaning lance from pressure pulsation, made it impossible for the operator to clean for more than 2 hours.
After fitting the FLOW-THROUGH Pressure Pulsation Interceptor, the two hours waiting time per day, for circulation to return to the hands, was saved.
The dampener paid for itself in two and one half days.
AND: Pump life between service was tripled.

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