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PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
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Pulsation Dampeners with Plastic Connection Blocks for Low Pressure

The safety and strength of entirely metal housing with low cost; By the corrosion resistance of an elastomer and a fully supported plastic connector. The inert nitrogen pre-fill goes in the low cost carbon steel cushion drive bonnet which are internally epoxy coated. Only the compatible elastomer rolling diaphragms, and the fully supported plastic base liner see the pulse. Plastic anti-extrusion plate allows higher N2 prefill pressure than diaphragm trying to extrude through multiple small holes that cause pulsation by restricting the entry.

PipeHugger Pulsation Dampeners Range

A drawing is to scale and shows detail, a sketch is to scale and shows less detail, dimensional drawings are not drawings, they are non scale views. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners are shown as "view sheets" or cross sectional "cut sheets"


PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
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