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Shock and Pulsation Damping in the Liquid Foods, Drugs, and Beverage Industries

Smooth, clean, and / or polished pulsation dampeners for use in hygenic and various food grade industry applications. Examples: For multi-plunger and multi-flow stream homogenizer service, food and drug service with polished stainless wetted parts, in place flush, viscous liquids and slurries, clean in place (cip) and sterilizable, temperature regulated or thermal jacketed, high pressure liquid chromotography (hplc), among others. These options impact both cost and lead time availability. Please state which you need. If you require definition, we will be pleased to send documentation.

With heating jacket.

Liquid in bladder.

Piggy Back Double Decker
C.I.P able at high velocity and lower pressure than normal process pressure.

With Flexflon and multi-ported.

For High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Bio-Cultures
A. 90° Shut-Off against microbic ingress.
B. Encapsulated Anti-Extrusion plate.
C. Flexflon PTFE diaphragm face.




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