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How clean is clean?

1. Do You Need An ELASTOMER (FDA Nitrile, EP, Fluoro-Carbon etc.),
(DuPont "Teflon", FLEXFLON, Polyflon, etc.)?
2. Do you need FIP, CIP, HIP, or SIP? 3. And how easily a disassembly?

With F&D Nitrile/"Buna" F&D EP/"Nordel", Fluoro/V.
Four minutes down time, to release and replace the PIPEHUGGER dampener capsule from the tubing system.
Your process liquid flows through the bladder, which is constantly flexing, shaking its surfaces free of any settlings or sediment. Use -apple, citrus juice, & wine.

SIZES:- 0.15 Liter / 10 in3 to 2500 in3 / 40 Liter
Connections:- Upto 7, 1/2" / 12mm tubing, through 10" / 250mm

When your liquid has high clinging power you may specify virgin PTFE, and flow through constant agitation, FLEXORBER.
From Cocoa butter, bio-eng. to special RO.

SIZES:- 25 ml.-16 Liter, 1.5 in3 to 1,000 in3
Connections:- TriClover/ CB, or IDF etc. 3 max., upto 4" tubing (100mm)

(Dimensional Drawing coming...)
When your hot Lye, dilute Nitric, and flush cycles are below process pressure, the diaphragm must not be driven down by the cushion pre-fill set pressure.
Transfer fluid volume is set, so diaphragm can not mask, the surfaces to be cleaned.

SIZES:- 0.25 Liter 15 in3 to 1,000 in3, 16 Liter
DuPont Teflon and Elastomer versions available.
Note: These are not "on the shelf" Inventory items.

C.I.P. - Widely spaced inlet and outlet plus small entrained volume + smooth virgin PTFE ensure full scouring at high velocity.
Use, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
SIZES: 0.13 to 2.5 Liter, 8 to 150 in3
Can be F.I.P., C.I.P., H.I.P., or S.I.P. (see above for abbr. explanation) at below process pressure depending on :- VELOCITY DURATION And FLUSHANT.


These options impact both cost and lead time availability. Please state which you need. If you require definition, we will be pleased to send to you document ldi-std-s/c.doc 1:3:92 rev.2, on request.
CONNECTIONS "o" ring and screwed nut types:
DIN, 11850/1 . DSU, Danish Std. Unions. IDF, ISO 2583, BS 4825. ILC, inLine Cleaning. RJT, Recess Joint BS 1846. SSR, Sepra Systems / FMC Calif Hose & Fittings Co.
Qwik Klamp types: (picture below)
CB, Cherry Burrell. SP, SanPro Kynar. SPI, Valex, Stainless Producs Inc CA.TC, Tri-Clover

To enable for you to receive exactly what you need, please read our definition of SMOOTHNESS & CLEANNESS:
SURFACE PREPARATIONS - options that affect cost and speed of availability
180 GRIT/BEAD BLAST = 85 micro inch c.l.a. + PASTE HONED = improved to 32 micro-inch
+ ELECTRO POLISH = 20 micro-inch c.l.a. + SMOOTH = 500 grit 16 micro-inch c.l.a. + POLISHED = 8 micro-inch c.l.a. + CREVICE FREE of any indentation greater than 0.0005" deep & less than 0.00075 wide + SUPER PURE = from 316L special low sulfur material, subject to all prior treatments plus passivation + ULTRA PURE = all above plus - from vacuum re-melt sulphur removal with 0.005% max hydrogen flash gold plated acetate wafer finger print electron beam surface test, 30-40 Angstrome chrome oxide layer, 2:1 chrome to iron, "outgassed" & 18 megohm test of demonized water flushant, dried with 99.999% pure hot N2, etc.

IN PLACE CLEANABILITY - Your procedures that can determine product type.
FLUSH In PLACE "FIP", CLEAN In PLACE "CIP", STERILIZATION In PLACE "SIP", HYGIENIC IN PLACE "HIP". Please choose the most appropriate, from what you wish to achieve. Please state for all - flushants, biocides, sterilizing agents, & post sterilizing washes: Their generic names, and the pressure, temperature, flow velocity, & duration. Please provide a copy of the test procedure, for checking the effectiveness of the above process.


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