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PulseGuard Difference in the Pulsation Dampener Details

THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL. Secondary containment, Hazard alert, Controlled de-pressurization, Seal release-safety features, are part of our Safety Design Code (Not ASME, PED nor ISO)

Extending the life of Virgin Teflon® (DuPont)
- not recommended for: Nitric, Cholor -ics, -ides, Bromines, etc. We prevent loss of Nitrogen pre-fill gas by an elastomer backing, “A”, which also contains an anti-extrusion stiffener, “B” and adds some resilience reducing the rate of PTFE "cold flow".
1. Porosity removed and resilience gained by re-gelling.
2. Molded multi wave form, no stretching.
3. Offset role points prevent fatigue concentration.
4. Anchorage outboard the anti extrusion plate seal.
5. Peripheral sealing, not cruch crimping.
6. Two layers of "Flexflon" & permeation, alert filament track between, option.
7. Primary seal, and secondary containment option.

5:1 Safety Factor, "Fail Safe" Pulse dampeners Nitrogen cushion Pre-Fill energy is released safely at 400% design pressure.

The deflection that enables seal extrusion is 0.30mm / 0.012" only and is prior to yield.

CE mark granted on PulseGuard products
- forged dishing vessels – the FlexOrber range with LDi “FlexFlon” PTFE
- welded hemispherical head vessels – the PipeHugger range with elastomer bladders
- bolted flange and dished head, welded cap, and tubular design – the PumpGuard range with LDi
FlexTube; an identical vessel construction to PulseGuard’s PipeGuard, WaveGuard-Cer, and LiquiBello dampener ranges having a pipe body and tamper-proof lock rings.

Seal Release by Bolt Elongation


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