[PiG] Low frequency volumetric dampening. All stainless. Available for ultra pressures.

PipeGuard Low Pressure

[PiG-LP] PipeGuard Low Pressure - For best value flow stabilization, where pressure is below 40 Bar, 600 psi and elastomer synthetic rubber is compatible, and external environment is corrosive.

PipeGuard High Pressure

[PiG-HP] PipeGuard High Pressure - Medium, High, Super, & Extreme Pressure "gas Bag" Stainless Pulse dampener, with internal web stabilization.

PipeGuard Plastic

[PiG-PLAS] PipeGuard Plastic - Only when compatibility makes it essential. Ferric Chloride, sodium hypo chlorite, dissolved chlorines & hydrochloric acid, etc. Consider metallic support outside plastic wetted part designs.