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Safety, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Safety Installation Operation Maintenance

Pulsation Dampener Safety

Read this first - "Beware of "Pressure Vessel Codes"
saf-1 Cover / Contents
saf-2 Contact & Safety Warnings for Pulsation Dampeners
saf-3 Checking Pulsation Dampener Pressure Rating Safety
saf-4 Pulsation Dampeners - Safety & Gas Overload Protection
saf-5 Safety & Liquids for Pulsation Dampeners
saf-6 Safety & Piping by Pulsation Dampener Mounting Blocks
saf-6 Check Flow Rate For Pipe Size, & Pulse Frequency
saf-7 Checking Required Performance of Pulsation Dampeners
saf-8 3-Axis Graph to Specify Residual Pressure Fluctuation

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Operation

pf-1 General Advice before Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas
pf-2 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Low Cost Pressure Dampeners have "Pin Core" Valves
pf-3 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Strut Valve Opened and Closed with 3/4" Wrench
pf-4 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas at Elevated Pressures

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Installation

i-1 Dampener Installation Cover
i-2 Centrifugal Systems
i-2 Hose Pump Systems
i-3 Vane Pumps Systems
i-3 Intensifier Plunger Pump Systems
i-4 Gear Pump Piping Systems
i-4 Diaphragm Head "Metering" Systems
i-5 Packed Plunger Pump Pipe Systems
i-5 Lobe Pump Systems
i-6 Progressive Cavity Pump Systems
i-6 Air Operated Double ended Diaphragm Transfer Pumps
i-7 Multiplex Pump Systems
i-7 Dosing Pump Systems
i-8 Install Pump Description

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Maintenance

xplo-1 PG140 Dampener Maintenance Cover
xplo-2 PG141 Flexorber LP SoG
For 2 & 3 Diaphragm Installation AND Safety
xplo-2 PG141 Flexorber VLP SoG
xplo-3 PG142 Flexorber HP FLo
xplo-3b Hazard Class Bolt on Anti-extrusion for Pyroforic Applications
xplo-4 PG143 PipeHugger -LP,-HP, -Lnd
xplo-5 PG144 PipeGuard -LP, -HP, -Plas
xplo-6 PG145 PumpGuard
xplo-6 PG145 WaveGuard HP
xplo-7 PG146 PipeGuard UHP
xplo-7 PG146 PipeHugger HP, UHP
xplo-8 PG147 "XRACTOR" RIGS
PG-148 Anti-Extrusion Plate Replacement
PG-149a Bolted Style Anti-Extrusion Plate Replacement
PG-149b Bolted Style Anti Extrusion Plate PHR Viewsheet

Pulsation Dampeners by Pump

P1 Contents
P3 Centrifugal - Application story
P4 Centrifugal Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P5 Vane - Application story
P6 Vane Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P7 Gear - Application story
P8 Gear Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P9 Lobe - Application story
P10 Lobe Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P11 Screw - Application story
P12 Screw Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P13 Progressive Cavity - Application story
P14 Progressive Cavity Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P15 Hose/Tube - Application story
P16 Hose/Tube Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P17 A.O.D.D. - Application story
P18 A.O.D.D. Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P19 Packed Plunger - Application story
P20 Packed Plunger Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P21 Metering - Application story
P22 Metering Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P23 Multiplex "Power" - Application story
P24 Multiplex "Power" Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P25 LP Dosing - Application story
P26 LP Dosing - Plunger Dimension Tables
P27 Intensifier - Plunger Dimension Tables

Calculation / Anatomy of Pulsation

P28 - Specifying - by System Characteristics
P29 - System Mass Acceleration Head Pulsation
P30 - Adding the Piping Flow Friction Pulsation
P31 - Adding for System Compressibility Loss of "Overlap", Pulsation
P31 - Adding for "Velocity Jump" transients
P32 - Checking Total Pulsation vs. Allowable Level for the Piping
P33 - Input Data to Address System Pressure
P34 - Estimating the Volume of One Pulse
P34 - Applying Pump Type "F" Factor & Flow Stabilizer Size Selection
P35 - Checking System Smoothness Requirements
P36 - Minimizing Residual Pulsation by Proper Installment

Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampener with PTFE Diaphragm FlexOrbers

P41 - Contents
P42 - The Difference is in the detail
P43 - LP, SoG Installation
P44 - LP, SoG Flow Fluction Smoothing
P45 - LP, SoG Pressure Pulse Damping
P46 - LP, SoG Shock Alleviation
P46 - LP, SoG Multihead Interaction
P47 - LP, SoG Dimension Tables
P48 - LP, SoG Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P49 - LP, SoG Viewsheet
P50 - LP, SoG LP Service, Maintenance
P51 - LP, SoG VLP Service, Maintenance
P52 - LP, SoG Lined, Non-Metallic Metal Parts
P53 - HP, FLo Installation
P54 - HP, FLo Application Story
P55 - HP, FlexOrber Dimension Tables
P56 - HP, FlexOrber Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P57 - HP, FLo Viewsheet
P58 - HP, FLo Service, Maintenance

PipeHuggers with Liquid in the Bladder

P61 - Contents
P71 - LP, PeG Installation
P72 - LP, PeG Application Story
P69 - LP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables
P70 - LP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
PC/C - C/C & Multiple Sets.
PC/L - "Close Coupled" C/L
P73 - LP, PeG Service, Maintenance
P74 - LP, PeG Selection Check List
P75 - LP, PeG Comparitive Cost Installed
P63 - HP, PHr Installation
P64 - HP, PHr Application Story
P65 - HP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables
P66 - HP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P"O" - Popular: "O" face +PB
TYPICAL - Typical HP Flange Face
PPFF/TD - "FF" or Thread "TD"
PipeB - HP & SP w/ BBlcks.
P67 - HP, PHr Service, Maintenance
P62 - HP, PHr Selection Check List
See also: PipeHugger Pulsation Dampener IOM

PipeGuards with Gas in the Bladder

P81 - Contents
P81 - The Difference is in the detail
P90 - PiGLP Installation
P89 - PiGLP Application Story
P91 - LP PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P92 - LP PipeGuard Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
LP - PiGLP Viewsheet
LP - PiGLP Twin By-Pass
P93 - PiGLP Service, Maintenance
P84 - PiGHP Installation
P83 - PiGHP Application Story
P86 - HP PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P86 - PiGHP The Safety Difference
P85 - PiGHP Viewsheet
P87 - PiGHP Service, Maintenance
P95 - PiGPlas Installation
P96 - PiGPlas Application Story
P94 - Plastic PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P97 - PiGPlas Viewsheet
P98 - PiGPlas Service, Maintenance

PumpGuards for Sludge and Slurry

P101 - Contents
P102 - The Difference is in the detail
P103 - PuG Installation
P104 - PuG Application Story
P105 - PumpGuard Dampener Dimension Tables & Drawings
P106 - PuG "Clear-Flo"
P107 - PuG Service, Maintenance

WaveGuards / CavGuards with no moving parts

P111 - Contents
P111 - No wonder you say "Bladderless dampeners "
P112 - How they work - WaGCer
P115 - WagCer Viewsheet
P116 - WaveGuard Dimension Tables
P116 - WagCer Service, Maintenance

P112 - How they work - WaGHO
WaG HO Viewsheet & Dimension Tables :
P114 - Wag-Spherical
& HO - Ram-Jet, Sph. & HO
HOGAL - Ramjet& HO, 1 Gal.

P112 - How they work - CaG
PCAG - CaG Viewsheet & Dimension Tables

Reactive Pressure Pulsation Damper Zero Maintenance Static Parts

Tube Guard Pulsation Dampener Food & Drug