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Installing Pulsation Dampeners for Packed Plunger Pump Piping Systems

Performance requires close coupling to pump. No oversized pipes. Straight shot or 5D bends. Weld the pipe base in line, or if you flange your “T’s”, flange the dampener pipe base.

Suction Stabilizers

  1. PipeHugger : With liquid in the elastomer bladder and stainless wetted parts, for constant velocity to the system 1/8” (3mm) ID autoclave. Ultra efficient high transient & frequency performance, with quick release piping base block. Save a “T” and have 3 times as much performance. Block fits pipe base in place of dampener for hydro-test, etc. The only suction stabilizer / dampener that can be fitted exactly where it belongs - close coupled directly at the suction check valve of the pump it protects.

  2. FlexOrber : LDi “FlexFlon” or DuPont Teflon diaphragms and stainless liquid chamber. The only FlexFlon/PTFE high pressure dampener that intercepts and isolates a pump from system pressure wave response. Transients are forced into the damping chamber by the piping base block design, from which dampener is a 4 bolt quick release. Maintain pipe integrity; weld base block into the pipe permanently. Capacitance + direction change impedance. Piping base saves a “T” and enables quick 4 bolt dampener removal plus facilitate the only PTFE suction stabilizers / dampeners that can be fitted exactly where it belongs, close coupled directly at the suction check calve of the pump that it protects from suction acceleration head loss starvation and cavitation.

  3. PipeGuard : Gas in the bag, and an all stainless pressure vessel. Although PipeGuard has a stiff long thin bag, performance is enhanced 3 times by forcing response with a flow thru.


Fluid Flow Control Pulsation Dampeners
suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers Cooling the suction liquid prevents vapor lock improving volumetric efficiency - which stops discharge pulsation. Typically a jacketed dampener.