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Installing Pulsation Dampeners for Multiplex Pump Systems

PULSATION DAMPENER INSTALLATIONS TO MULTIPLEX PUMPS: Performance requires close coupling to pump. No oversized pipes. Straight shot or 5D bends. Weld the pipe base in line, or if you flange your “T’s”, flange the dampener pipe base.

Suction Stabilizers

  1. PumpGuard : With PermaCushion for suction stabilizers and LP discharge, negative head lift

  2. WaveGuard : Ceramic balls, acoustic interceptor “De-Coupler”

  3. PipeGuard : Available at extra cost with single connection, no smoothness guarantee at high frequency, economy all stainless, for externally corrosive environments

  4. PipeHugger : Liquid side up prevents bubble collection, stops pump “knock”, both at one end saves space, block fits pipe base in place of dampener for hydro-test, etc.


Fluid Flow Control Pulsation Dampeners
suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers