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Installing Pulsation Dampeners for Diaphragm Head "Metering" Systems

PULSATION DAMPENER INSTALLATION TO DIAPHRAGM HEAD “METERING” PUMP SYSTEMS: Performance requires close coupling to pump. No oversized pipes. Straight shot or 5D bends. Weld the pipe base in line, or if you flange your “T’s”, flange the dampener pipe base.

Suction Stabilizers

  1. FlexOrber : with DuPont Teflon or LDi “FlexFlon”, with MeterGuard piping base to maintain system integrity when FlexOrber dampeners are serviced or “swapped” and ensures minimum down time. Permeation detection optional, Hazard class tell tale port from between primary and secondary seal.

  2. PipeGuard : for externally corrosive environments with elastomer gas bags, horizontal connection pumps and vertical connection pumps, for flow fluctuation. Block fits pipe base in place of dampener for hydro-test, etc.

  3. PipeHugger : with EPDM, Fluoro, Buna, Hypalon liquid bladders, horizontal connection pumps and vertical connection pumps for pressure pulse interception


Fluid Flow Control Pulsation Dampeners
suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers For extreme temperatures use dampener with metal diaphragm and heating jackets, pipes prevent heat transfer to the pump hydraulic drive end. LDi OctoPussy for multi head installations