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PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
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Installing Pulsation Dampeners for Hose Pump Systems

Performance requires close coupling to pump. No oversized pipes. Straight shot or 5D bends. Weld the pipe base in line, or if you flange your “T’s”, flange the dampener pipe base. Damping suction spike & discharge “back-flow”

Suction Stabilizers

  1. PumpGuard : no pre-fill required, FlexTube support

  2. PipeHugger LP : save a “T” and have 3x the performance, the piping base is welded in system maintaining pipe integrity, quick release 4 bolt dampener

  3. PipeGuard-PLAS

  4. PipeHugger LP Lined : ceramic, PVDF, PTFE, Tantalum, Zirconium, “gold”

  5. FlexOrber VLP : save a “T” and have 3x the performance, 4 bolt dampener quick release, the piping base is welded in system maintaining pipe integrity


Fluid Flow Control Pulsation Dampeners
suction stabilizers suction stabilizers suction stabilizers Flow Fluctuation is caused by - when shoe hits hose, liquid goes backward up suction pipe when shoe lifts off, liquid rushes back to fill the void in the hose The pipe turns the flow spikes into pressure spikes Block fits pipe base in place of dampener for hydro-test, etc. Trying to cause a flow reversal of thick liquid, or at a high frequency, up and down a single connection, puts pulsation into the pipe. The dampeners have to be 300% larger. suction stabilizers