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PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners
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Installing Pulsation Dampeners for Gear Pump Piping Systems

Performance requires close coupling to pump. No oversized pipes. Straight shot or 5D bends. Weld the pipe base in line, or if you flange your “T’s”, flange the dampener pipe base.

When DuPont Teflon is required - FlexOrber HP Pulsation Dampeners
Where the ripple comes from The final full meshing of the gear tooth tries to compress some almost totally trapped liquid, a very high pressure. The decompression escapes back through the gear tolerance gap and makes a pressure spike. When no moving parts can be tolerated WaveGuard HO is the answer to high pressure, medium high frequency, low volumetric pulsation for systems without suspended solids. By exploding pressure peaks through small holes into large chambers pulsation is destroyed. PipeGuard - typical base 1' (24mm) ports and above typical up to and including 3/4 20mm connections PipeHugger WaveGuard - WaG-HO series has no moving parts PipeHugger FlexOrber - secondary containment sealing and permeation detection optional, PTFE or MTFE WaG-CER has ceramic balls to break pressure waves


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