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Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Low Cost Pressure Dampeners have Pin Core Valves

There are many forms of “pin core” valves. None can stop flow into a dampener, so regulators must be used and the pin must be depressed when filling because of Delta P. Pin-less alternative valve opens and closes with only 3/4" wrench. It is a 304 stainless steel strut valve with 0.5” 20 tpi and 0.305” 32 tpi for 6000 psi series. 4. Check after one week in service. With a) no hose b) no pressure in liquid c) offset for temperature change. You may now bolt your dampener onto the piping base and begin pumping. Turn cylinder valve off. Unscrew chuck from pin valve. Put seal cap on valve. Remove seal cap, screw chuck to valve. Set regulator to “A”. Screw chuck pin down. Flow nitrogen into dampener. Wait for temperature to stabilize. Vent excess. Unscrew chuck pin up. 80% of theoretical steady state pressure for flow fluctuation smoothing. For pressure pulse interception 50% of steady state. Make calculation on absolute scale and convert back to gauge. Nitrogen Pre-fill pressure “A”: Do not attempt to check the pressure with an empty prefilling tool, too much nitrogen will flow back into it. end user to specify scale Nitrogen cylinders are rented with regulators 1/8” FNPT hose with 1/4" FNPT to regulator, 2 gauges, 2 chucks, and vent “X” Pre-fill chuck 1/8” MNPT WH 705 – valve 1/8” MNPT - vent when chuck depresses the pin TV-400 – 1500psi brass valve 1/4" MNPT - cap & core remover TV-399 – 400psi brass valve 1/8” MNPT - plastic cap With a bubble solution, check that your activity has not loosened the pre-fill valve and caused a leak. NEVER RUN WITH ANYTHING ATTACHED TO THE VALVE, ALWAYS HAVE SEAL CAP ON! Low cost, low pressure pulsation dampeners have

Page 1 - General Advice Before Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas
Page 2 - Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Low Cost Pressure Dampeners have "Pin Core" Valves
Page 3 - Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Strut Valve Opened and Closed with 3/4" Wrench
Page 4 - Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas at Elevated Pressures


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