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PipeGuard Ultra High Pressure Pulsation Dampener Maintenance

PipeGuard UHP Service, Disassembly and Re-assembly
PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners PipeGuard Ultra High Pressure Pulsation Dampeners

Service, disassembly and re-assembly PipeHugger HP, UHP Part Number and identification: Dampener Type / Volume / Design Pressure / Membrane Diameter–Material / Connection / Metal PHr /in3 or Liters/ psi or Bars / D (in mm) - N, E, H, or V / Autoclave / DSS or SDSS For large diameter ratio of liquid chamber to connection diameter. Explodes pressure pulsation. Use in externally non-corrosive environments. Reduce pressure to zero gauge. Remove valve then unbolt from the piping base. Tamper proof segmental lock ring (ASME VIII Div 1 UG 34) High pressure has 10000 psi (690 Bar) hubs Ultra pressure has 20000 psi (1380 Bar) cone and nut Piping base isolates all nozzle loads from the pressure vessel. Diaphragm has webs and prevents anti-extrusion plate instability Note: wide compressive stress load bearing area. Do not disconnect your pipe system. Preserve your system pressure integrity. Mount the block on the pipe base in place of pulsation dampener. Spare kit part numbers are the membrane number preceded by “SK” segmental lock ring, bladder, high pressure by-pass block Ultra Pressure Prefill valve of your choice for super and ultra pressure (price not included) 10K to 15K (to 1000 Bar) or 15K to 60K (to 4000 Bar) DANGER: do not start work on high pressure dampeners until they are isolated from the system, and all nitrogen and liquid connection are off, so you are sure they are de-pressurized. Remove all connections With the two pin spanner wrench provided unscrew both rings Using “T” fittings in the connection of end plug and head plug for hand hold withdraw Remove and replace all seals. Never re-use. Anti-extrusion plate may be difficult to replace onto new bag. Inform factory if you wish your spare gas Inspect the bore sealing area for any scratches and for corrosion. If you are not returning the dampener for a factory rebuild and hydro-test then reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly. Nitrogen pre-fill valve you chose Vessel body Liquid end plug for flow-through pressure shock interception Buttress thread retaining rings Nitrogen end head plug Outer seal for extrusion resistance – 90 degree shore A IRH Membrane anti-extrusion plate with scroll face to prevent hydro-lock Gas bag membrane 20,000 psi transfer molded for permeation blister / pimple resistance Material available: N = Butadiene Acrylo Nitrile, E = Ethylene Propylene Ter-Polymer, V = Fluoro-carbon elastomer Low & high temperature & food & drug grades Piping base block PulseGuard wishes to review its products; we will install a spares kit, test and recertify your dampener for the same cost as a spares kit.


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