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FlexOrber LP PTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Dampener Maintenance

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Part Number and identification - alpha numeric code - please see above. For torque settings and sequence please see HERE

There is not one of these core pins in a strut valve. No special tools, or pin depressor is needed.
The STRUT valve enables you to SAFELY STOP nitrogen pressure entering a dampener .
Pin Cores are just check valves and provide no control.On the other hand these 3 valves all have pin cores in them.

Not only are the pin type valves dangerous, but also you have to spend 500 on a regulator and 250 on a pre-fill tool, to use them.
Nitrogen overload safety vent option. Part Number and identification: Dampener Type/Volume /Design Pressure/Membrane Diameter – Material / Connection / Metal SoG-SS-LP /in3 or Liters/ psi or Bars / DF or DW (in mm) - TFE of MTFE / / 316, A20, etc. Before you begin, please see below* Also you may wish to consider changing back to a strut valve, if a pin core valve was specified. Cushion Prefill Drive Bonnet Side The strut valve has been proven by more than 25 years use on the landing gear of every aircraft on which you have ever flown. DO NOT REPLACE IT. For detail of benefit please see below. Strut valve nitrogen prefill valve 304 stainless steel up to 6000 psi or M28-8 prefill valve duplex stainless steel up to 20,000 psi. Nitrogen overload safety vent option. Elastomer backed with virgin PTFE liquid side face. Part number is DF followed by its diameter in millimeters DF---s-TFE – shallow series - DF---t-TFE – thin series - DF---ut-TFE – ultra thin series Alternate sub-assembly Liquid Chamber Side - Connection types: “New England” – 45 x 45, “Texas Style” - bull horns *Do not disturb your pipe system integrity, release the dampener from piping base. Replace dampener with the by-pass block. Then disassemble dampener. Nitrogen overload safety vent option. Cushion Prefill Drive Bonnet Side Nitrogen Prefill valve part number 2581, needs chuck part number 5560 You may wish to consider changing to a strut valve, a pin core valve is cheap but costs much more to use. Diaphragm is a modified brim flat Teflon. Part number is DW followed by its diameter in millimeters then BF-MTFE Bolts are 304 stainless steel B8 and A2 Liquid Chamber Side 1 Connection is for flow fluctuation reduction. May have a Male NPT, Female NPT, or a 150# flange. Sizes range from 1/2" through 1-1/2” pipe. Single connection as above standard inventory. For other connection types and orientations plus quick release minimum down time piping base models and “OctoPussy”, see “LP” above. As PulseGuard wants to learn from reviewing its products, we rebuild with the spares kit for the same As used on all aircraft for 40 years. 0.75” AF hex swivel nut, use standard wrench. Change to strut valve for 49.99 can save 550 and a life.


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