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PulseGuard concentrates on pump pulsation dampeners for positive displacement and metering / dosing pumps, from inventory, with corrosion resistance.

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Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation dampeners for high and low pressures including: pre-charge gas elastomer bladder, system liquid in the bladder, flow through flexible tubes for semi-solids high viscosity and slurry, Flexflon PTFE diaphragm dampeners, acoustic pressure pulsation filters with no moving parts, and dampners for the hygienic / sanitary liquid foods drugs and beverages industries.


[PuG] Pulsation dampeners for sludge, slurry, and high viscosity. Clear-Flow from in to out. 3" through 12" ANSI B16.5 150# and 300# standard with specials through 7000 PSI.

PumpGuard flow through flex tube pulsation dampeners for sludges, slurries, high viscosity, and liquids containing particulate. Pipe sizes: 0.75" through 14". For Suction with PermaCushion, no Air charge required. Liquids containing grit, sand relatively large solid objects. Use in suction Low/High pressure discharge. Combined pulsation and flow fluctuation attenuating capability with a straight line "clear-flow" path from in to out. Low cost "vessel" outer, non liquid contact, carbon steel "vessel" housing shell.


[PeG] [PHr] High frequency wave dissipation and flow smoothing. 316, Alloy 20, HC 276, Titanium 2 wetted parts. 1/8" through 5" ports. Buna Nitrile, EPDM, Hypalon, Flurocarbon bladders.

Large diameter liquid chamber, relative ports, dissipates pressure waves, large diameter bladder response even at 0.05 Bar. Corrosive liquids go inside the bladders, saving cost of Titanium, Hastelloy, Tantalum etc. Vessel Shells. PeG-LP For the ultimate in smoothness where pressure is below 40 Bar, 600 psi and elastomer synthetic rubber is compatible, and external environment is non corrosive. Also, ideal for slurries and suspended particulate, because the bladder is constantly shaking it free.

PipeHugger Low Pressure

[PeG] Low Presure / System Liquid in Bladder

PipeHugger High Pressure

[PHr] High Pressure / System Liquid in Bladder. PHr-HP pressure pulsation interceptors, that also remove suction and discharge acceleration head.


[PiG] Low frequency volumetric dampening. All stainless. Available for ultra pressures.

PipeGuard Low Pressure

[PiG-LP] PipeGuard Low Pressure - For best value flow stabilization, where pressure is below 40 Bar, 600 psi and elastomer synthetic rubber is compatible, and external environment is corrosive.

PipeGuard High Pressure

[PiG-HP] PipeGuard High Pressure - Medium, High, Super, & Extreme Pressure "gas Bag" Stainless Pulse dampener, with internal web stabilization.

PipeGuard Plastic

[PiG-PLAS] PipeGuard Plastic - Only when compatibility makes it essential. Ferric Chloride, sodium hypo chlorite, dissolved chlorines & hydrochloric acid, etc. Consider metallic support outside plastic wetted part designs.


[SoG] [FLo] Dual purpose pulsation dampener for pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation. Thru-Flow interceptor with Flexflon / PTFE diaphragm. 150 PSI through 7000 PSI having 1/8" through 4" connections. With in place flushing for chemical process metering.

PTFE diaphragm pulsation dampeners. The PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners of the FlexOrber series are designed for use where double layer and "sandwich" PTFE diaphragm head metering pumps are required for hermetically sealed toxic, pyroforic, and hazardous duty. The flexorber Dampeners match the features of these high pressure chemical pumps. The dampeners also have, secondary containment sealing - see permeation detection port option. Double layer PTFE diaphragmed, see "DW" left of center line.

FlexOrber Low Pressure

[SoG] Low Pressure / PTFE, DuPont Teflon, FlexFlon Diaphragm

FlexOrber High Pressure

[FLo] High Pressure/ PTFE, DuPont Teflon, FlexFlon Diaphragm


[WaG] No moving parts. High frequency pumps are the most suited for no moving parts pulsation dampeners. Bladderless, Foamless Pulsation Dampeners / Snubbers with No Moving Parts: Zero maintenance pulsation dampeners that attenuate pressure pulsation by use of a liquid to gas to liquid "phase change", or "release from solution".

WaveGuard RJ

[WaG-RJ] No Moving Parts / Ram-Jet / Helmholtz Orifice. Dampeners that accelerate the velocity of the pressure wave, increasing its amplitude, then destroy the wave by exploding it into a chamber, within which chamber the distance to any reflection point is so great that the amplitude is decreased to an acceptable level.

Waveguard CER

[WaG-CER] No Moving parts / Acoustic / Bladderless. Dampeners that cause the distance between point of pressure pulse wave entry and point of exit to be a huge multiplicity of distances.