[SoG] [FLo] Dual purpose pulsation dampener for pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation. Thru-Flow interceptor with Flexflon / PTFE diaphragm. 150 PSI through 7000 PSI having 1/8" through 4" connections. With in place flushing for chemical process metering.

PTFE diaphragm pulsation dampeners. The PulseGuard Pulsation Dampeners of the FlexOrber series are designed for use where double layer and "sandwich" PTFE diaphragm head metering pumps are required for hermetically sealed toxic, pyroforic, and hazardous duty. The flexorber Dampeners match the features of these high pressure chemical pumps. The dampeners also have, secondary containment sealing - see permeation detection port option. Double layer PTFE diaphragmed, see "DW" left of center line.

FlexOrber Low Pressure

[SoG] Low Pressure / PTFE, DuPont Teflon, FlexFlon Diaphragm

FlexOrber High Pressure

[FLo] High Pressure/ PTFE, DuPont Teflon, FlexFlon Diaphragm