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These pages are for information. The section below headed maintenance is for your information but not as instructions to be followed by persons who are not qualified by training and certification from PulseGuard Inc, PulseGuard Ltd. PulseGuard China, PulseGuard India.

The PulseGuard pulse dampener products are for pressure purposes and may be dangerous. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners should therefore only be serviced / maintained by qualified personnel, appropriately certified, with current up to date certificates.

PulseGuard US UK India and China will rebuild, test, and re-pressure certify PulseGuard pulsation dampening equipment at the same price as the cost of a spares kit from the factory. If you do not have a local certified rebuild service facility, apart from the spares cost the only expenditure required of you is to pay for the shipping to your nearest PulseGuard certified point of assistance.

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Safety and IOM | Pumps | Calculation | FlexOrbers | PipeHuggers | PipeGuards | PumpGuards | WaveGuards-CavGuards | Food and Drug




Read this first - "Beware of "Pressure Vessel Codes"
saf-1 Cover / Contents
saf-2 Contact & Safety Warnings for Pulsation Dampeners
saf-3 Checking Pulsation Dampener Pressure Rating Safety
saf-4 Pulsation Dampeners - Safety & Gas Overload Protection
saf-5 Safety & Liquids for Pulsation Dampeners
saf-6 Safety & Piping by Pulsation Dampener Mounting Blocks
saf-6 Check Flow Rate For Pipe Size, & Pulse Frequency
saf-7 Checking Required Performance of Pulsation Dampeners
saf-8 3-Axis Graph to Specify Residual Pressure Fluctuation

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Operation OPERATION

pf-1 General Advice before Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas
pf-2 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Low Cost Pressure Dampeners have "Pin Core" Valves
pf-3 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners - Strut Valve Opened and Closed with 3/4" Wrench
pf-4 Pre-Filling Pulsation Dampeners with Nitrogen Gas at Elevated Pressures

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Installation INSTALLATION

i-1 Dampener Installation Cover
i-2 Centrifugal Systems
i-2 Hose Pump Systems
i-3 Vane Pumps Systems
i-3 Intensifier Plunger Pump Systems
i-4 Gear Pump Piping Systems
i-4 Diaphragm Head "Metering" Systems
i-5 Packed Plunger Pump Pipe Systems
i-5 Lobe Pump Systems
i-6 Progressive Cavity Pump Systems
i-6 Air Operated Double ended Diaphragm Transfer Pumps
i-7 Multiplex Pump Systems
i-7 Dosing Pump Systems
i-8 Install Pump Description

Pulsation Dampener Safety / Maintenance MAINTENANCE

xplo-1 PG140 Dampener Maintenance Cover
xplo-2 PG141 Flexorber LP SoG
For 2 & 3 Diaphragm Installation AND Safety
xplo-2 PG141 Flexorber VLP SoG
xplo-3 PG142 Flexorber HP FLo
xplo-3b Hazard Class Bolt on Anti-extrusion for Pyroforic Applications
xplo-4 PG143 PipeHugger -LP,-HP, -Lnd
xplo-5 PG144 PipeGuard -LP, -HP, -Plas
xplo-6 PG145 PumpGuard
xplo-6 PG145 WaveGuard HP
xplo-7 PG146 PipeGuard UHP
xplo-7 PG146 PipeHugger HP, UHP
xplo-8 PG147 "XRACTOR" RIGS
PG-148 Anti-Extrusion Plate Replacement
PG-149a Bolted Style Anti-Extrusion Plate Replacement
PG-149b Bolted Style Anti Extrusion Plate PHR Viewsheet


Pulsation Dampeners - Centrifugal Pump Pumps

P1 Contents
P3 Centrifugal - Application story
P4 Centrifugal Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P5 Vane - Application story
P6 Vane Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P7 Gear - Application story
P8 Gear Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P9 Lobe - Application story
P10 Lobe Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P11 Screw - Application story
P12 Screw Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P13 Progressive Cavity - Application story
P14 Progressive Cavity Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P15 Hose/Tube - Application story
P16 Hose/Tube Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P17 A.O.D.D. - Application story
P18 A.O.D.D. Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P19 Packed Plunger - Application story
P20 Packed Plunger Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P21 Metering - Application story
P22 Metering Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P23 Multiplex "Power" - Application story
P24 Multiplex "Power" Pump Dampener Dimension Tables
P25 LP Dosing - Application story
P26 LP Dosing - Plunger Dimension Tables
P27 Intensifier - Plunger Dimension Tables


Pulsation Dampeners - pencil image Calculation / Anatomy of Pulsation

P28 - Specifying - by System Characteristics
P29 - System Mass Acceleration Head Pulsation
P30 - Adding the Piping Flow Friction Pulsation
P31 - Adding for System Compressibility Loss of "Overlap", Pulsation
P31 - Adding for "Velocity Jump" transients
P32 - Checking Total Pulsation vs. Allowable Level for the Piping
P33 - Input Data to Address System Pressure
P34 - Estimating the Volume of One Pulse
P34 - Applying Pump Type "F" Factor & Flow Stabilizer Size Selection
P35 - Checking System Smoothness Requirements
P36 - Minimizing Residual Pulsation by Proper Installment



Pulsation Dampeners

Application Stories - Understanding Pulsation Dampeners
Dampener Dimension Tables - All Dampener Dimension Tables


Pulsation Dampener with PTFE Diaphragm FlexOrbers

P41 - Contents
P42 - The Difference is in the detail

P43 - LP, SoG Installation
P44 - LP, SoG Flow Fluction Smoothing
P45 - LP, SoG Pressure Pulse Damping
P46 - LP, SoG Shock Alleviation
P46 - LP, SoG Multihead Interaction
P47 - LP, SoG Dimension Tables
P48 - LP, SoG Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P49 - LP, SoG Viewsheet
P50 - LP, SoG LP Service, Maintenance
P51 - LP, SoG VLP Service, Maintenance
P52 - LP, SoG Lined, Non-Metallic Metal Parts
P53 - HP, FLo Installation
P54 - HP, FLo Application Story
P55 - HP, FlexOrber Dimension Tables
P56 - HP, FlexOrber Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P57 - HP, FLo Viewsheet
P58 - HP, FLo Service, Maintenance


Thermal Jacketed Pulsation Dampener PipeHuggers

P61 - Contents

P71 - LP, PeG Installation
P72 - LP, PeG Application Story
P69 - LP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables
P70 - LP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
PC/C - C/C & Multiple Sets.
PC/L - "Close Coupled" C/L
P73 - LP, PeG Service, Maintenance
P74 - LP, PeG Selection Check List
P75 - LP, PeG Comparitive Cost Installed

P63 - HP, PHr Installation
P64 - HP, PHr Application Story
P65 - HP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables
P66 - HP, PipeHugger Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
P"O" - Popular: "O" face +PB
TYPICAL - Typical HP Flange Face
PPFF/TD - "FF" or Thread "TD"
PipeB - HP & SP w/ BBlcks.
P67 - HP, PHr Service, Maintenance
P62 - HP, PHr Selection Check List

See also: PipeHugger Pulsation Dampener IOM


High Pressure Bladder Type Pulsation Dampener PipeGuards

P81 - Contents
P81 - The Difference is in the detail
P90 - PiGLP Installation
P89 - PiGLP Application Story
P91 - LP PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P92 - LP PipeGuard Dimension Tables cont. & Drawings
LP - PiGLP Viewsheet
LP - PiGLP Twin By-Pass
P93 - PiGLP Service, Maintenance
P84 - PiGHP Installation
P83 - PiGHP Application Story
P86 - HP PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P86 - PiGHP The Safety Difference
P85 - PiGHP Viewsheet
P87 - PiGHP Service, Maintenance
P95 - PiGPlas Installation
P96 - PiGPlas Application Story
P94 - Plastic PipeGuard Dimension Tables
P97 - PiGPlas Viewsheet
P98 - PiGPlas Service, Maintenance


Pulsation Dampener for Sludge and Slurry PumpGuards

P101 - Contents
P102 - The Difference is in the detail
P103 - PuG Installation
P104 - PuG Application Story
P105 - PumpGuard Dampener Dimension Tables & Drawings
P106 - PuG "Clear-Flo"
P107 - PuG Service, Maintenance


Pulsation Dampener with no moving parts WaveGuards / CavGuards

P111 - Contents
P111 - No wonder you say "Bladderless dampeners "
P112 - How they work - WaGCer
P115 - WagCer Viewsheet
P116 - WaveGuard Dimension Tables
P116 - WagCer Service, Maintenance

P112 - How they work - WaGHO
WaG HO Viewsheet & Dimension Tables :
P114 - Wag-Spherical
& HO - Ram-Jet, Sph. & HO
HOGAL - Ramjet& HO, 1 Gal.

P112 - How they work - CaG
PCAG - CaG Viewsheet & Dimension Tables

Reactive Pressure Pulsation Damper Zero Maintenance Static Parts


Tube Guard Pulsation Dampener Food & Drug

P150 - Contents

P151 - SMOOTH & CLEAN - dampeners
P154 - Bolted PipeHugger Phr-bltd/+Pb
P155 - Flexorber - LP, SoG/+PB
P156 - TubeGuard "Piggyback", TuG/SoG/+PB
P157 - PumpGuard "Clear-Flo", PuG/F&D
P158 - HP Liquid Chromatography & growth culture
P159 - Jacketed Flexorber Jkt/Sog/+Pb -FD
P160 - TubeGuard SANITARY / C.I.P. & HPLC
P161 - Elastomer or Plastomer?
P162 - Sanitary / CIP / HPLC Dampener Dimension Tables
P163 - Food, Drug, and Beverage Industry Dampener Images

LDi Technote 01: Smooth and Clean Definitions



Pulse Tech

Publication 1
Page 1 - Pub. 1 Familiarization Cover
Page 2 - Familization A, B, C.
Page 3 - Familization C, D, E, F.
Page 4 - Pressure volume & amplifiers
Page 5 - Pulse interception
Page 6 - Hard system destroy pumps
Page 7 - Data capture at kHz.
Page 8 - Suction supply line problems
Page 9 - 2 Do's & 2 Don'ts
Page 10 - Brief A to Z of pulsation
Page 11 - "Controllers"
Page 12 - Synopsis, overview
Publication 2
Page 13 - Pub. 2 Oscillograph pulsation "signatures" cover
Page 14 - Examples 1, 2, 3.
Page 15 - Examples 4, 5, 6.
Page 16 - Gear & Packed Plunger Sys., Accept. Max.
Page 17 - Dosing, Air Op. & "Metering" Sys., Accept. Max.
Page 18 - Plunger & Valve Motions
Page 19 - Multi Plunger & Centrifugal Systems
Page 20 - Synopsis, overview
Publication 3
Page 21 - Pub. 3 Diagnostics Cover
Page 22- Pulse, Shock & PipeDoctor
Page 23 - WitchDoctor, Which Analyst
Page 24 - Synopsis, overview
Publication 4
Page 25 - Pub. 4 Modeling ShockView PulseView Cover
Page 26 - ShockView schematic
Page 27 - ShockView plots A, B, C
Page 28 - Input data for shock modeling
Page 29 - PulseView models relations
Page 30- 7 ocillographic plots
Page 31 - Necess. program input data
Page 32 - Equations & sources
Publication 5
Page 33 - Pub. 5 Octopussy Cover
Page 34 - Design, Simplex, Duplex pumps
Page 35 - Volume, Triplex, Quadruplex pumps
Page 36 - Synopsis Overview
Publication 6
Page 40 - Expressions Cover
Page 41 - Acceleration head losses & discharge
Page 42 - Factoring in Multiplex reciprocating machines
Page 43 - Adding Friction losses
Page 44 - Adding Friction losses cont.
Page 45 - Effects of volumetric inefficiency
Page 46 - Shock generation with velocity jump
Page 47 - Nomogram Frequency vs. Pipe ID




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